Kodak Black has a corrupt history with regards to Black ladies. He’s straightforwardly conceded that he doesn’t care for darker composition dark young ladies so it’s nothing unexpected his abhor would stretch out into a homophobic tirade against rapper Young M.A. who is a dark young lady yet in addition straightforwardly gay. 
The rapper as of late discharged another melody called “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” where he takes superfluous shots at Young M.A. by slewing the counter lesbian slur “dyke” a few times, Pitchfork.com reports. 
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“I be pullin’ out lashes on these f*ck n*ggas/I go Young M.A on these stupid bitches/Like a dyke, man, you n**gas can’t f*ck with me,” he says. He likewise raps, “I’m f*ckin’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie.” 
Simply insolent. 
Youthful M.A hit back at Black’s unfeeling drain rap saying on Instagram Live, “Clearly, the n**ga is peculiar.” She included, “I know I’m a female… . In any case, by the day’s end, n**ga, that is not my inclination.” 
Kodak proceeded with the numbness all alone Instagram Live saying, “I’m talkin’ ‘session, how are you a young lady yet don’t need your p*ssy entered?” 
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Kodak Black rides with Gucci 
Not surprisingly, Black is doing what sell-out do and said he won’t pursue the group with regards to boycotting Gucci for selling a turtleneck sweater that, when pulled up over the lower half of the face, looked like blackface. 
The Italy-based extravagance garments organization has pulled the thing off racks and apologized, however individual rappers T.I. furthermore, Soulja Boy have said they are boycotting Gucci in any case. 
Kodak Black, whose given name is Bill Kapri, says let him alone for this. 
“See my little Gucci garments that I purchased?” he said on Instagram Live. “Also, I’ma wear it. I’m dark, isn’t that so? What’s more, I’m hooligan deep down, isn’t that so? … But now and then Black individuals do go after like no reason – simply be coming to.” 
Kodak should be dropped. Enough said.

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