Add Virginia men’s ball to the not insignificant rundown of groups who won’t praise a title with President Trump at the White House.

The program tweeted an announcement from head mentor Tony Bennett Friday that expressed the group has ” gotten request about a visit to the White House.

“With a few players either seeking after genius openings or proceeding onward from UVA, it would be troublesome, if not difficult to get everybody back together,” Bennett included. “We would need to consciously decay a welcome.”

The Cavaliers beat Texas Tech 85-77 not long ago to win the program’s first-ever NCAA men’s ball title.

The Villanova Wildcats, who won a year ago’s national title, didn’t visit the White House, either.

Be that as it may, the Clemson Tigers, who won the school football title in January, went to the White House — where Trump broadly served them cheap food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King.

In January, the 2018 NBA champion Golden State Warriors met with previous President Barack Obama as opposed to visit with Trump, who had tweeted in September 2017 that the group’s welcome to praise that year’s title was “pulled back” after Warriors star Steph Curry said he wouldn’t go.

The president additionally canceled a visit by the Philadelphia Eagles after they won Super Bowl 52 of every 2018 after it turned out to be evident that just a couple of players anticipated visiting.

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