Ruler Elizabeth II, who simply turned 92 on Saturday, made a critical declaration following the huge day.

The ruler has named her child and beneficiary, Prince Charles, 69, to assume the job of administration of the Commonwealth. The Prince will be the ruler’s successor, speaking to around 33% of the total populace in a for the most part representative way.

The ruler and her family facilitated the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Buckingham Palace, the first run through the gathering occurred in Britain for a long time. It was viewed as an opportunity to reconnect with previous British provinces and revive the free partnership of 53 Commonwealth nations in front of Brexit.

“It is my earnest wish that the Commonwealth will keep on offering dependability and coherence for who and what is to come and will conclude that one day the Prince of Wales should carry on the critical work begun by my dad in 1949,” the ruler said at the formal opening of the gathering.

The Prince was upbeat to acknowledge the job as pioneer of the Commonwealth of Nations, which contains previous regions of the British Empire everywhere throughout the world.

Watch as Queen Elizabeth II names her successor in the recording beneath.

 Watch as Queen Elizabeth II names her successor in the recording beneath.

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