The principal beast I met

resembled the ’90s

looked like summer evenings

looked like pools

like soccer fields

like nintendo controllers

like cherry Kool-Aid.

The principal beast I met

was not in a fantasy

was not in an apparition story

was not in a blood and gore flick.

He wasn’t a winged serpent,

wasn’t a vampire,

was definitely not an outsider

hawking sweet from a van.

The main beast I met

looked in no way like

they said he would.

A scoundrel—

or on the other hand, more terrible, only a sheep

with more keen teeth.

I never at any point thought

to flee.


She disclosed to me her sibling

found her body

before she was mature enough

to discover it herself.

Said he’d slaughter her on the off chance that she told,

so she composed it on a piece of paper

what’s more, pushed it down her throat.

The mystery lives inside her now,

covered unreasonably profound for anybody to discover.

She would never disclose to her folks

they attempted to secure her

from all the wrong men.

The person who hurt her

looked precisely like them.


More bizarre DANGER!

Instructors swarm us into exercise centers

influence us to sit leg over leg on the floor

while shouting a great many warnings.

More bizarre DANGER!

Try not to converse with men with treat

Try not to converse with men in vans

Try not to converse with men with little dogs

Try not to converse with men at shopping centers

Try not to converse with men close stops

More odd DANGER!

I generally figured the men who’d harmed me

would be the ones covered up in back streets

would be the ones whistling on boulevards

would be the ones hiding in bars,

sitting tight for simply the correct beat.

More odd DANGER!

Turns out, they’re once in a while outsiders by any stretch of the imagination.


They had been companions for some time

when she woke up in his bed

woke up with her dress on the floor

woke up pondering

what the heck

she could have done

in an unexpected way.


The Little Mermaid

sold her voice to the demon

so she could become hopelessly enamored

on prohibited grounds.

I wish I could be so fortunate.

The demon stole my voice

because he could,

made me swallow my words

for quite a long time.

I couldn’t discover it in time

to spare the other young ladies

taken off alone to suffocate adrift.

There was a kraken free to move around at will

in any case, nobody to caution the residents.

At any rate Ariel’s quietness

just harmed herself.


He disclosed to me he’d been assaulted

however, nobody trusted him

since men don’t state “no”

at the point when lovely young ladies state “yes.”

It putrefied inside him,

almost destroyed him

till he discovered substitutes

to rebuff for his torment.

I wish I could have tied

a warning around his neck,

a notice for the following lady

that a few people just harmed others

so they don’t need to endure alone.


He informed me consistently

for two entire months after it occurred.

Notwithstanding when I wouldn’t react,

notwithstanding when my reasons ran dry.

He needed so severely to fix

all that he’d broken

(regardless of whether the main thing ‘broken’

was me).

He invested days loosening up timekeepers

be that as it may, couldn’t turn back time—

the harm was finished.

Is finished.

Will dependably be finished.

You can’t stop a blast

when you’ve effectively lit the breaker.

Screw your lament.

Screw your aims.

Screw you for considering

this was something you could change.

You don’t get the chance to hurt me

at that point choose I’m yours to spare.

Be that as it may, a few beasts accept


that they were bound to be

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