A lady is cautioning individuals to take care after a bungled filler infusion made her lips fourfold in size.

Rachael Knappier dreaded she would lose her top lip and said medical attendants chuckled at her amid the ‘startling experience’.

Talking on This Morning, the 29-year-old said she was given the infusions at a Botox party after a companion had prescribed it.

She stated: “It was fine. I hit the hay. I woke up at two in the first part of the day and saw what you find in those photos.

“My lips contacted my nose. They quadrupled in size. The weight and consuming on my lips was amazing.”

Scared, Rachael raced to A&E however says emergency clinic staff couldn’t accept what had happened to her and blasted out giggling.

She stated: “They hadn’t seen anything like it previously. I’ve swung up to A&E with this gigantic thing all over.

“I’m revealing to them I’m having a hypersensitive response, which is the thing that I thought was going on. Three specialists said I’d really had the filler infused into my vein.”

Three days after the messed up infusion, Rachael’s lips at last returned down to ordinary size, yet she is currently crusading for more tightly guidelines encompassing the method and needs to caution of the threats, saying: “Secure before you infuse.”

As indicated by the British Association of Esthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), there has been a precarious ascent in the quantity of unregulated strategies – frequently without any capabilities required to direct filler infusions in the UK.

Dr Tijon Esho joined Rachael in the studio and uncovered he had been reached by youngsters as youthful as 13 searching for lip fillers.

The specialist said Rachael was fortunate not to have lost her top lip and encouraged individuals to just ever have the technique done by a medicinal expert.

He cautioned: “She was fortunate it was recognized as this and had the correct specialist to disintegrate the filler. Numerous individuals have groundbreaking wounds along these lines.”


Rachael isn’t the primary individual as of late to have succumbed to messed up Botox.

A year ago a youthful mum cautioned individuals against lip filler treatment after she says her swollen lips left her resembling the ‘Elephant Man’.

Billie Roocroft, 23, had never been content with her ‘flimsy’ lips and in the wake of seeing celebs display their own, she chose to go for a more full look.

Yet, she says the £120 ($94) offer for 1ml of filler, which was given in her lounge room by a mum and girl, left her swollen, in agony, and hustling to A&E.

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