Jason Momoa, is that you?

The Aquaman on-screen character took to YouTube on Wednesday to share a video of himself shaving off his acclaimed facial hair.

“I think 2012 is the last time I shaved,” he said in the clasp.

As he said goodbye to his facial hair, he additionally said goodbye to the characters who brandished the look, including his Game of Thrones and DC jobs.

“Farewell Drogo. Farewell Arthur Curry,” he said.

Anyway, what drove the star to buzz away his whiskers? Momoa proposed he was planning to advance a more advantageous planet.

“In particular, I simply need to do this to bring mindfulness that plastics are slaughtering our planet,” he said. “Also, on the off chance that we have an answer, I would prefer not to bitch about it. There’s solitary one thing that can truly support our planet and spare our planet as long as we reuse—and that is aluminum.”

As Momoa kept on looking at reusing aluminum, he uncovered he made his own line of canned water to help advance the reason.

“Aquaman is attempting to do as well as can be expected—for my children, for your children, for the world,” he said. “Tidy up the seas, tidy up the land. Adore you all.”


In the wake of cutting everything off, Momoa scowled that proposed it might require some investment before he’s utilized to his shaven self.

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