Jake Koehler, 27 experienced childhood in Huntington Beach, California. Surfing has been his side interest since early youth. He realized the waves well and called the sea his second home. Nonetheless, that was insufficient – he generally realized he would end up celebrated one day. This is the reason, in 2011, Jake propelled his YouTube channel.

What made this person a star about 8 years back? Koehler had the possibility that gaming recordings could present to him some benefit, however tragically the channel was lost among a huge number of comparable ones. Incidentally Jake began to look all starry eyed at jumping around that time and it gave him another thought. The rigging cost a fortune and was unreasonably expensive for a young person those days. He required a fortune to finance his new cherished side interest, so Jake began sharing film of his submerged experiences.

Later on he worked out the idea that pulled in the a great many people – having adherents get some information about fortunes. Had he seen any? Would he be able to demonstrate a few recordings of his discoveries? Koehler chose to attempt and went on his absolute first fortune chase. The recording got a huge number of preferences and presented to him a pack of new devotees.

His fate had been chosen. Today he investigates different pieces of the Chattahoochee River so as to discover treasures that were lost, and are currently resting at the base. Jake figures out how to get into the most segregated corners of the stream where notwithstanding angling is outlandish. He utilizes his plunging blade to carve his way through the numerous different impediments.

This person chances his life to get to the spots where the most intriguing lost things are resting – simply hanging tight for Jake to come and get them. In the course of recent years he has turned into an expert scuba jumper and has discovered a pack of cool things: Go-Pro cameras, iPhones, Android cell phones, gems, wallets with money and Visas, firearms, rambles, the absolute first Macintosh PC, watches, spinners, glasses and much more!

Jake doesn’t make his living from his finds. Rather he has roughly 7 million supporters on YouTube and a great many perspectives for each bit of film he posts there. He is evidence that it’s anything but difficult to make great benefits from a channel this way. Enough to live on, and new rigging. Also every one of the fortunes he finds return to their proprietors when he can distinguish them.

Be that as it may, one of his ongoing finds caused Ohio State to name an exceptional day after him. As of late he shared film a depressed trunk being hauled out of the water. The video before long moved toward becoming #4 of YouTube’s most watched rundown. Presently one of his devotees connected with the city of Columbus to enlighten neighborhood experts a couple of actualities concerning Jake. The obscure person recommended that the least the city organization could do was to name day after Koehler.

Before long Jake got a call: “They inquired as to whether I’d like to have an official day and disclosed to me it would be on October 2, 2019. I was simply astounded. I resembled I’m going to have my very own day”. In this way, it’s everything official at this point. They have multi day consistently to commend this person.

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