The Impossible Whopper is joining a developing horde of plant-put together burger contributions with respect to inexpensive food menus the nation over.

Burger King toward the beginning of April started testing what it’s naming the Impossible Whopper at 59 cafés in the St. Louis zone utilizing patties from Impossible Foods, a California creator of meat substitutes.

The veggie lover take on Burger King’s mark sandwich demonstrated well sufficiently known in its constrained introduction that the inexpensive food affix intends to move it out across the country before the year’s over, Burger King said on Monday. Possessed by Restaurant Brands International, Burger King has 7,300 outlets over the U.S.

Burger King will extend the plant-based Whopper to different markets amid the mid year, as it increase for a national dispatch later in the year, RBI’s CEO Jose Cil told experts in a profit call Monday.

The tryout in St. Louis “went exceedingly well,” a Burger King representative told CBS MoneyWatch. The sandwich is set to show up in extra markets sooner rather than later, the representative included.

The move is in no way, shape or form a cheap food first, as White Castle in September started selling the supposed Impossible Slider, and veggie rival Beyond Meat in January said it was revealing its plant-based burger at inexpensive food chain Carl’s Jr. Both nourishment providers are endeavoring to take advantage of expanded interest for meat choices, particularly from more youthful shoppers who regularly see them as more advantageous and less harming to nature.

A Nielsen Homescan overview in 2017 found that 39 percent of Americans said they were effectively attempting to eat more plant-based sustenances. In phony meat’s support, offers of veggie lover staples like tofu, darker rice and granola have straightened, while offers of other, plant-based choices, including meat and cheddar options, have flooded, Nielsen found.

Past Meat evaluated the potential estimation of the U.S. plant-based meat showcase at an astounding $35 billion in its administrative documenting illustrating its arranged IPO, with offers of the 10-year-old organization expected to start exchanging this week.

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