Netflix has declared that beginning in August, it will offer the 1995 transitioning film Now and after that, which stars a program of acclaimed ladies including Christina Ricci, Rosie O’Donnell, and Demi Moore. Despite the fact that the film appeared to average audits, it has accumulated a clique following throughout the years for its depiction of pre-adulthood and female fellowships.

In the film, four beloved companions rejoin and ponder their undertakings, including the recollections of the remarkable summer of 1970. Ricci, Gaby Hoffmann, Thora Birch, and Ashleigh Aston Moore star as the young ladies, while O’Donnell, Moore, Melanie Griffith, and Rita Wilson play the characters as grown-ups. Lesli Linka Glatter coordinated.

I. Marlene King, who composed the film, proceeded to build up the arrangement Pretty Little Liars. In 2015, King addressed EW for the twentieth commemoration of Now and after that, and uncovered that there was a TV adjustment of the film being developed at one point that was at last rejected.

“It was on ABC Family however they needed to transform it so the ‘now’ was available day and the ‘at that point’ would be the ’90s,” King said. “I would not like to do that — I felt that sort of remnants how unique the film is.… To me, there will never be a 1970s again, so to attempt to set it during the ’90s when we had PDAs and things like that, I don’t figure it would work.”

She likewise said she adores when fans approach her about the film, right up ’til the present time.

“Moms are presently sending me notes saying they’re indicating it to their little girls,” she said. “I have an inclination that it’s turned into this immortal film, and lamentably more motion pictures like this aren’t out there, so individuals I think have locked on to Now and after that for instance of what we were simply discussing: positive young lady companionships. Also, I believe it’s turned into this famous motion picture, and that is marvelous!”

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